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How to Wash Your Heated Clothing [2024 Update]
How to wash heated clothes

After using your heated apparel repeatedly for hiking, cycling, riding your motorcycle, climbing, skiing, skating, horseback riding, or just while going out to get some pizza with your friends, the truth is that your heated clothes won’t stay clean forever. There comes that time when your favorite heated jacket needs to “take a shower”.

But you’ve got your doubts. You may be afraid that its heating elements will stop working if you give your jacket a “bath”. And besides, you’ve been told that cable circuits normally don’t get along with water (your hair dryer’s warning label gives you a warm reminder every time you use it).


Can you wash a heated jacket? 

The great news is that there’s no need to be afraid! You can wash your ORORO heated jacket with peace of mind, as long as you follow the instructions below. This requires special care so please make sure to follow all the steps.

How to wash ORORO heated jacket/ vest

The following are the 6 steps you must follow to wash your ORORO heated jacket, vest, or hoodie:

Step 1: Disconnect and remove the battery from the zipper pocket. 

This is one of the most important steps when it comes to making sure that your ORORO Heated Apparel stays safe. It’s extremely important that you remove your rechargeable battery from your apparel as it cannot be submerged in water (it will stop working). So make sure you’ve removed it before proceeding with the next steps. 

Remove the battery.

Step 2: Make sure you put the connector cable back and close the zipper pocket.

You want to keep the power cable safe, so once you’ve removed the battery from your heated jacket or heated vest, you must put back the connector cable and close the zipper. This will protect it during the washing cycle.

Close the zipper pocket.

Step 3: Place your jacket inside a mesh laundry bag.

The wiring of your heated gear is delicate and requires additional care. We recommend that you put it inside a mesh laundry bag

Use a mesh bag.

Step 4: Machine-wash it.

  • No dry cleaning. Your heated jacket prefers being washed in the washing machine at home, than at the dry cleaner’s. That’s good news, ain’t that right? This can save you a few bucks. Even if you do want to dry-clean it, please don’t. It also prefers machines with no agitators in the center, but if that’s the one you’ve got the use of the mesh bag will be very helpful. You can even place it inside a pillowcase. 
  • Cold and gentle cycle. You need to treat it with care. Make sure to set your machine to gentle cycle and wash it in cold water. Though you may not like cold showers your ORORO loves them!
  • Do not bleach: Bleach will damage your heated clothing so it’s a no-no.
Wash in the washing machine. 

    Step 5: Dry it.

    • Do not wring or twist: We know you want it to dry quickly so you can use it as soon as possible, but squeezing or twisting it will damage the wiring
    • Line dry: Heated apparel doesn’t like drying machines and needs to be line-dried. Another alternative is to lay it flat on top of a towel. Just make sure that you turn it over to the other side every now and then so that both sides dry up.
    • Do not iron: You can prevent wrinkles by removing it from the washing machine as soon as possible. 
    Dry your heated clothes.

      Step 6: You’re all set!

      You’re all set and ready for using that heated vest that you love once more! It’s time to wear it again with all the style you’ve got.

      ORORO Heated Fleece Vest

      How to store your heated clothing?

      • Battery Maintenance: Before storing your ORORO gear, remove the battery and ensure it's partially charged for longevity, following our Battery Guide. Remember, the battery can also serve as a power bank for your devices, extending its usefulness.
      • Keep It Dry: Choose a storage spot away from moisture to protect electrical parts. A dry, cool environment is best.
      • Avoid Compression: Hang or lay garments flat in a drawer to prevent damage to heating elements or wires. Folding is acceptable, but avoid squeezing tightly to maintain shape and integrity.
      • Accessibility: Keep one piece of heated apparel easily accessible for unexpected cold snaps in unpredictable weather or cooler climates during travel. Stay prepared for any outdoor adventure.

      So, that’s all!  Now you can invite your favorite heated jacket or vest for a “bath” when you feel it’s necessary. You don’t need to wash it every time you wear it, but deep inside you, you’ll always know when it’s time for taking your ORORO out on a date with the washing machine.

      For more information on how to take care of your ORORO heated gear, please make sure to read your product’s User Manual

      Any more questions? Remember that you can always reach out to us at if you have any additional questions. 


      • K
        Posted on by Kathleen Smotherman
        Followed your very helpful instructions on giving my vest a bath and it turned out as great as ever. Thanks for such thoughtful assistance.

        My daughter gave me your product last Christmas & I use it all the time. Such a thoughtful daughter!

      • S
        Posted on by Samuel Bonahoom

        Heated jacket👍

      • V
        Posted on by Viki
        It’s bath time for my Ororo jacket. Thank you for having the detailed wash instructions available online. My Ororo jacket is my constant and most favorite winter accessory.
      • P
        Posted on by Pam Rooney

        Hi. My husband just got me your heated vest for Valentine’s Day. He also thoughtfully sent me the link for how to wash. Can’t wait to try the new vest. Hope I won’t have to wash it for awhile but am glad to have the detailed instructions!

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