How ORORO Helps a Veteran Stay Warm

veteran memorial day

ORORO wearers come from all walks of life, all over the world. Sometimes we even get the chance to chat with them about their life and how ORORO fits into it. 

Donald Hoginski is, Veteran, Honor Guard, and ORORO fan. He enlisted in 1960, stating that it was either enlist or get drafted, with enlisting being a slight advantage. Bootcamp in those days wasn’t too much fun, he says. It was entirely led by 1st and 2nd lieutenant rangers and master sergeants. He notes that bootcamp today is much different. 

During his time in the military, Donald met hundreds of people from all over. He said it was interesting to learn the different ways of life in various parts of the U.S. and other countries.

A Learning Experience

One important life lesson he learned during his service is: “Make sure you understand what someone is saying to you, ask again if you don’t.” Donald also learned a few things about himself along the way. He says the Army taught him confidence, self-esteem, and how to quickly adapt to any situation. 

His advice for new and young military recruits is that service can be a great experience in that you get to travel to many parts of the world you may not have seen otherwise. In Donald’s case, he was a helicopter ambulance medic in Korea.

He hopes that in the future the world will remain peaceful for future generations.

Staying Warm on Cold Days

Donald’s son gifted him an ORORO heated vest and some heated gloves for Christmas one year. He wears them to stay warm during military funerals. As an Honor Guard with the American Legion, he does funerals just about every day—even on the coldest of winter days. On these days, he says his Squad members (who have vests, but not heated ones) are envious of his ability to stay warm with ORORO.

To Donald and all veterans and active military personnel: Thank-you for your service. We love getting to learn about people and how ORORO fits into their unique lives. Stay toasty, ORORO fans.

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