ORORO® Heated Apparel
Five star review

"This is probably the best gift I've ever purchased for my wife!

She uses it everyday. It's perfect when she is skiing

or just going on a usual workday."

Lemuel S. from Bristol, CT, United States
Five star review

"5 stars! I absolutely love this jacket...

I don't think I've taken this jacket off since I've gotten it!"

Keegan M. from VA, United States
Five star review

"One of the best versatile jackets on the market today!

Keeps you warm when it is cold, keeps you dry when it rains

and will NOT allow wind to penetrate through to your body...

ORORO #1."

Bob C. from Elizabethtown, NC, United States
Five star review

"My wife says it's the best thing ever for living in a cold climate!"

Joel S. from MN, United States





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Deborah S.
First winter using my heated Jacket and gloves while watching my kids at their ice skating lessons in a cold arena, then ski lessons outside in the freezing NH cold for 3 hour stretches. Even everyday running around town my coat and gloves kept me happy and warm. Later that year, the jacket helped me Stay warm at early lacrosse practices and games in the spring.
Andrea V.
I bought my husband a vest for Christmas and he did the same for me. We had no idea. Now we have gloves and jackets. This is the 3 of us with our gear at senior night and it was raining and cold.
Mollie R.
I bought a jacket for early and late season soccer season games. These jackets have really made a difference in my ability to sit through the entire soccer game. It makes it much more I enjoyable. Bought the jackets for my husband and myself.
Bri L.
I bought these jackets for my boyfriend and I based on a friend’s suggestion- I am SO glad I did. We are skiers, and that was one of the driving forces behind my purchase. I wore a vest over it and layers underneath and was totally warm and comfortable. We both have been wearing the jacket everyday- even just to be cozy indoors!
Gretchen V.
During the pandemic I made a personal wellness commitment to walking around the lake every day - no matter what the weather. My ORORO vest helped me get out there even on the coldest Minnesota winter days!


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