COVID-19 Update

We are currently anticipating shipping delays with handling time taking up to 5 days due to COVID-19. Please know we are monitoring the situation closely and working hard to ship your orders as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.
Click here to track your order status. Feel free to contact us 
at if you need any help.


At OROROwear, we pride ourselves on our speed and focus. We aim to get your items delivered as quickly as possible. Most orders will be processed within 24 to 48 hours - excluding weekends and holidays.

Please refer to the table below for an estimate of shipping costs and delivery times.

United States US$0.00-US$49.99 US$5.00 (Ground Shipping)

5-7 Business Days

US$50.00-US$149.99 FREE (Ground Shipping) 5-7 Business Days
US$50.00 and up (outlet) US$5.00 (Ground Shipping) 5-7 Business Days
US$50.00 and up (outlet) US$15.00 (Express Shipping) 3-7 Business Days
US$0.00-US$149.99 US$9.99 (Express Shipping) 3-7 Business Days
US$150.00 and up FREE (Express Shipping) 3-7 Business Days
Outside of the United States US$0.00-US$249.99 US$24.99 (Express Shipping. Duty included) 7-10 Business Days
US$249.99 and up FREE (Express Shipping. Duty included) 7-10 Business Days

Tax & Import Duties

Sales tax is included in the price stated on our website. We cover any customs and import duties on orders up to US$2,500. If you happen to be asked to pay any customs or import duties, please contact our Customer Care team here with proof of payment and we will refund charges when applicable. In certain cases, orders exceeding US$800 may be subject to customs clearance which may cause a delay in shipping.

Orders placed from outside the United States may be subject to customs and import duties.

*Please contact us if you plan on making an order exceeding US$2,500.

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