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ORORO Heated Jacket

Keep your college kid warm this winter with our extremely popular, best-selling Heated Jacket. This jacket right here is our flagship product that we built our entire brand around! This jacket will keep your college student warm and comfy against the harshest winds as they walk to class. We’d suggest getting an extra battery pack for them…they’ll probably use it a lot!



ORORO Heated Hoodie

If your girlfriend or wife is ALWAYS cold, you can’t go wrong with our Heated Hoodies! They come in black, gray and blue (discontinued and on clearance!) and are perfect for keeping you warm wherever you go. Cold in the car? The Heated Hoodie will fix that. Cold at home? Nothing our Heated Hoodie can’t solve! Give your freeze baby the gift of up to 12 hours of pure, comfortable heat.



ORORO Heated Hoodie

Every dad in the country knows what Sunday means…FOOTBALL SUNDAYS aka Lazy Sundays! Your dad or uncle or best friend or husband or whoever would thank you profusely for this Heated Hoodie! We have 3 different colors available (black, white and discontinued blue) to choose from. Allow them to run around in heated comfort, while yelling about sports. It’s what they do best and they’ll appreciate you for it!



ORORO Heated Down Vest 

If you know a woman who likes her bottomless mimosas during a brisk, Sunday morning brunch, we’ve got the vest for you to buy her! Our new Heated Down Vest is fashionably slim-fitted and can go a comfy pair of dark jeans and ankle booties! This vest is for a woman who doesn’t want to sacrifice style for warmth, so give her the gift of BOTH!



ORORO Heated Jacket

Know someone who’s big into winter sports? Skiing, snowboarding, sledding, hiking, you name it! We’ve got the perfect jacket for that activity! Our Sport Heated Jacket (comes in black/gold and blue/red) was specifically made with cold-weather athletes in mind! So whether they’re zipping fast down a mountain or taking in the mountain scenery, keep them cozy with this jacket.



ORORO Heated Parka

Dog lovers unite! We have the perfect jacket for that dog walker in your life. Our new Heated Parka is a mid-length stylish marvel! Next-level warmth provided by SMAWARM® insulation aka the BEST insulation a winter coat could have. The minimalist design optimizes the jacket’s functions so you can focus on being warm, while walking those pups!


  • C
    Posted on by Cassy Chanel

    My husband loved his jacket, he said it was the best gift I have given him! It came in time for the Polar Voltex when the temps here in Michigan was a -30 degrees. I highly recommend this jacket to others and the shipping speed was phenomenal. Thanks Ororo

  • T
    Posted on by Tanci

    I may be your biggest fan! Because I battle Reynauds, I got the heated vest to make wintertime motorcycle riding possible. (Warm core, warm fingers.) Wow! I don’t just wear it on the bike, but to church (who doesn’t freeze at church?!), to the store, to the gym, and most of all, around the house. You can bet I’ll have it on skiing next week in Red River, too. Thanks so much for a great line of products. That hooded vest will also hopefully be mine when it comes back in stock. So cute!

  • J
    Posted on by Joseph Arcenal

    Why you don’t have a small size jacket.

  • E
    Posted on by Edgar

    Need a phone pocket up high

  • D
    Posted on by Dave Meier

    Your products look great thinking on buying some for the holidays

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