ORORO x Team Sinclair: Our Partnership with USA Curling’s Finest

team usa curling heated apparel sponsorship

We’re psyched to announce our sponsorship of USA curling team, Team Sinclair. Naturally, curling is a chilly sport since it takes place on the ice. Our partnership with Team Sinclair (headed by Jamie Sinclair, with teammates Monica Walker, Cora Farrell, and Elizabeth Cousins) is a match made in winter athletics heaven. 

Learn more about our new friends on Team Sinclair through our interview below.

Where did your passion for curling begin and what’s your favorite thing about it?  

Jamie: My dad got my brothers and I started in the sport fairly young. Every Sunday we would go to the club and play. 

Back then my favourite part was the hot chocolate we would get once we were done but now my favourite part is the thrill of competition. 

When you are out on the ice, battling against the other team, feeding off the energy of the fans, seeing if all your hard work of training has paid off, that’s a great feeling.

Monica: My parents brought me around the curling club as a kid and I fell in love with being around the sport. They didn't force me to curl though -- when I was about 10, I asked if I could try it myself. 

I actually hated it at first, but loved the people involved and grew to love it. Now, I would say my favorite thing about the sport is either the daily process of getting better but always having more work to do, or the fact that curling and its community has been one of the most consistent parts of my life.

Cora: My passion began at my first international competition at age 10, on Team Alaska at the 2010 Arctic Winter Games. 

My favorite thing about curling are the challenges to improve in order to succeed at the competitive level. At my first international competition, I discovered a drive to compete and to improve by playing opponents that had more experience than I did. 

Elizabeth: Both of my parents were U.S. National level curlers, so I have been on the ice since before I could walk! Since my parents and older brother curled, I was constantly surrounded by the sport and grew to love it pretty quickly. 

My favorite thing about the sport is how each teammate has a critical role in each shot, making it the ultimate team sport. I also love the curling community; there's so many people I've met through this sport that have shaped my life.

How did you meet or get your team together?

Jamie: Monica and I have played together for years. She took a step back from competition last year but returned quickly. We teamed up again and then set out to find a young, powerful and talented front end. 

After lots of interviews, meetings and planning, the line up was set and we started moving forward as a team with Cora and Elizabeth. I retired from the sport last season, but quickly missed competitive curling and touched base with Jamie once I heard that a previous team had fallen through.  

Didn't expect to make it back on the National Team but I'm certainly grateful to be.

Monica: Jamie and I have played together for years. I retired from the sport last season, but quickly missed competitive curling and touched base with Jamie once I heard that a previous team had fallen through. 

Didn't expect to make it back on the National Team but I'm certainly grateful to be. Cora, I have competed against and seen on the circuit for years and have always respected her abilities. 

And Elizabeth, I have known since she was very small -- her parents taught me how to curl, and her mom was my junior curling coach. Her mom has been a hugely influential person in my life and I'm excited to now play with Elizabeth. 

Our team came together from a mix of coach input, player recommendations, personality styles, and curling strengths. We feel we have put together a team that has all the keys to success and the most potential.

Cora: I had known Jamie, Monica, and Elizabeth as opponents prior to forming the team. I admired and respected each player for their talents and visible dedication to the sport. 

There was no question that I wanted to be a part of the team upon receiving contact to join because I believe our shared dedication will lead to competitive success and fulfilment as well. 

Elizabeth: Monica and I have known each other for a very long time, because we both began curling in the Boston area.  

Jamie and Cora have only been my opponents before this team. We formed as four talented players who have what it takes to succeed at the highest level.

team usa curling heated apparel winter olympics

What bonded you guys together as a team or was there a moment that solidified your team?

Jamie: COVID-19 definitely made things more challenging for us since we are currently all located in different cities. The first time we really came together as a team was when we were finally able to get out on the ice together! 

We practiced, and got some games in. We got to see how we interacted on the ice, we got to learn from each other, and we got to laugh together. Since then we just communicate a lot over text, email and Zoom. 

It's mostly a virtual relationship for now but it’s a strong one because we share the same values and goals.

Monica: Our team is relatively new and due to COVID-19 we haven't had much time to compete together yet, but I would say that we collectively view ourselves as underdogs and we have a thirst to prove ourselves. That bonds us. 

Cora: Our contact has been limited and has been primarily virtual due to the ongoing restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our team meets on a regular basis and we bonded by shared values of genuineness and unity in order to solidify the team. 

Elizabeth: We haven't had much time together this season due to COVID cancellations, so most of our interactions are virtual. We each have an internal drive for the sport that bonds us together as a team.

How does it feel to be gearing up for the Olympics, especially with a lot of uncertainty going on because of the pandemic?

Jamie: The unknown has been the hardest part. Normally our training plan is designed so that you peak at the right time. This year that has been difficult because we don’t know when that time will be.

You are constantly trying to be prepared so that if things change you can put your best performance forward in a short period of time.

Monica: I think it is extra stressful trying to train for the Olympics during a global pandemic because there is so much uncertainty around what would be normal competition cycles in a regular season. 

However, having a purpose in the near future to work towards like the Olympics is actually somewhat calming and grounding, if that makes sense.

Cora: There have been ongoing adjustments to our schedule as a result of the uncertainty of the pandemic. Even so, it is thrilling to be gearing up for the Olympics and pursuing our ultimate goal. 

Due to the uncertainty, the mental preparations are increasingly important in order for each athlete to prepare without access to competition. It is helpful that our team applies effort to maintain the excitement of this process even while we are physically distanced. 

Elizabeth: Gearing up for the Olympics is pretty surreal given the world's circumstances. This is a time where we have to challenge ourselves as much as we can in practice due to the lack of competitions to reach peak performance and keep our drive going. 

As we countdown the days until the trials, we work as hard as we can and do anything to succeed at the sport we love. 

What are you looking forward to in this Olympic training process?

 Jamie: I look forward to growing as a team, and learning from each other. We each bring so much to the table. I love that this team has the mindset of leaving nothing on the table. 

At the end of this we are going to know that we did everything we possibly could have to be as prepared as possible. No matter the outcome at the end, we are going to be proud of what we did and know that we have no regrets. That’s a great feeling.

Monica: I look forward to helping my teammates be the best they can be, since I'm the old dog on the team. I really do love the daily grind and all the different areas of my life that training impacts. 

Recently, I've been getting into meditation to improve focus, decrease stress, and regulate emotion, and I'm loving it. Due to the pandemic, I've been doing much more socially distanced hiking than I normally would -- there have been a lot of creative training solutions this year.

Cora: I look forward to the process of building our team to be as powerful as possible. By the end, I believe we will have made each other better athletes and I look forward to this shared experience. 

Elizabeth: I look forward to always learning from our veteran players and creating an unbreakable bond between each of us.

team usa winter olympics heated vests

Why does a partnership with ORORO interest you?

Jamie: I simply love the product and it has helped me love my sport even more! I am normally always cold out on the ice and it's miserable. It distracts me from my training. 

Once I started wearing Ororo products, I was able to relax my muscles, practice more effectively and actually enjoy the process a lot more. We are excited to partner with Ororo because we truly believe in their products and we want to share it with others so that they can also enjoy their time on the ice as much as possible.

Monica: A heated clothing company partnering with a curling team is pure genius. We play on ice and it's cold, and we offer an athletic and versatile look to your product branding. 

I personally love my Ororo heated vest and just recently bought one for my partner as well. (He loves it too!) 

Cora: I may be from Alaska, but I am known to often be cold on the ice! A partnership with ORORO would provide a great opportunity for access to high quality apparel as well as to share the brand with other curling athletes that would benefit. 

Elizabeth: ORORO is the perfect sponsorship for curlers. As a youth curling coordinator and instructor, I am teaching on the ice for hours on end. ORORO's heated apparel has actually saved my instructing days. I LOVE it. Every curler should own some heated apparel!

"I have followed Jamie’s competitions and YouTube channel for a few years now. Her passion for the game is contagious. I was very excited when I saw the news that Jamie and Monica reunited for the 2022 Winter Olympics," said Mark H., CEO & Co-Founder. "ORORO is very proud to be supporting Team Sinclair’s journey in 2021."

We’re thrilled to represent such passionate and talented athletes. We can’t wait to see what the coming years bring! Follow Team Sinclair on Twitter and Instagram to see what they’re up to. 

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