ORORO Loves Moms: Updated Mother's Day Gift Guide 2021

 heated fleece for mother's day gifts

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Even if you can’t spend the day out enjoying the weather or a visit to mom’s favorite restaurant, doesn’t mean it still can’t be fun! Without moms, we wouldn’t be the people we are today. Here’s a gift guide to help you share those warm feelings with mom this Mother’s Day!

For moms who are always cold

Our classic Women’s Heated Padded Vest is a highly reviewed fan-favorite, now available in a chic glacier gray. This modern shade mixed with the ORORO reliability you love makes it a great gift for moms who are always cold, but want to look put together. 

heated gray padded vest for mom

The Women’s Heated Fleece Vest is another good option. A little more versatile, this is the vest best for layering under and over. She can wear it indoors or outdoors and be comfortable no matter where she goes.

heated fleece vest for mother

For moms who work outside

The ORORO Women’s Heated Fleece Jacket in maroon is built for ultimate comfort, warmth, and ease of movement when hard at work. It won’t get in the way of her doing job and will keep her warm all the while.

maroon red heated fleece jacket for women

For more intense weather conditions, our Heated Parka is perfect against high winds, freezing temperatures, and moisture like snow, sleet, rain, etc. The faux fur is detachable to keep the coat flexible for whatever winter throws her way.

heated parka for working moms

For sport moms

Our classic Women’s Heated Jacket is another fan favorite, particularly for hockey moms! Available in a few different colors, including a vibrant purple, it’s perfect to help keep her focus on the game instead of the cold.

heated jacket in purple for mom

The ORORO Heated Down Vest is also an excellent option for those frequenting hockey games. It’s ideal for layering over team gear and keeping her nice and toasty.

hockey mom vest

For the outdoorsy moms

For moms always outside, even in freezing temperatures, we recommend our Redwood Heated Socks and 3-in-1 Gloves. Our Redwood socks are an industry first, with carbon nanotube heating elements that comfortably reach the toe area like never before. Our 3-in-1 gloves also provide a range of wear options to suit mobility needs and weather conditions.

heated socks for moms with cold feet

Moms who spend time outdoors love to layer up! With that in mind, we recommend our Heated Hoodies, particularly our new red shade. She’ll be able to layer her hoodie underneath her outdoor coat before she heads out or wear it on its own during milder seasons. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there and thank-you for all you do. Show her some love with the gift of heated apparel to keep her warm no matter what life throws at her. 

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