Claudia Cornacchione
Claudia Cornacchione
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Hometown Boston, US

Originally from Italy and I moved to the US 14 years ago. When I don't work, I like to run and bike, and as a family, we like anything outdoors (kayaking, skiing, mountain biking, paddle boarding, ice skating, etc…). I also enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures!

Boston can get pretty cold in winter with temps way below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. ORORO helps me survive winters! Also, I am a preschool teacher and we spend a lot of time outside. ORORO keeps me warm during those chilling (sometimes freezing) mornings. All my preschool kids now know about ORORO and come to check what color my light is!

Reason to join the ORORO Squad

I think I was among one of your first followers on IG and you have always been generous to me. You value my opinion and you appreciate my pictures!

What’s your favorite thing about ORORO?

The simple and yet genius idea beyond your brand. ORORO has become my second skin during the cold New England months and since I started wearing it I can’t think of leaving the house without it!

It really is a life changing concept!

What are the best 3 words to describe yourself?

Cheerful, organized, resilient

Please share a short story about an important challenge that you've overcome (in your life, hobby, or profession)

The biggest challenge of my life was definitely moving to the US with a toddler, without knowing the language, leaving my family, friends, and job behind! It wasn’t easy (and sometimes it still isn’t), but I am proud of myself for being able to raise two babies myself (ok, with the help of my husband too!) and for being able to reinvent myself, learn a new language and start a new work career!

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