About Us


Growing up in the Midwest we have always known that temperatures can change drastically. One day you are in a t-shirt and sunglasses enjoying the sunshine, the next day the roads are covered with inches of fresh white powder. Just when you are getting ready to pack away your wool sweaters and thick coats for the season, you have to dig them back out of the closet again for that overnight snowstorm.

With this in mind, we wanted to create a jacket that could be worn in all seasons. It had to be durable enough to wear on cool fall nights. It needed internal heating elements to keep you warm through the freezing winter. And it absolutely had to be lightweight enough to wear in the wet and mild springtime months. At the same time we wanted to look stylish, not wearing a dorky eyesore of a jacket.

It will always be our mission to make sure you maintain a comfortable degree of warmth while enjoying your various outdoor activities. We are constantly testing new designs to make sure you are always warm and, most importantly, always fashionable.

Don’t let your life be dictated by the thermometer.



Email: customercare@ororowear.com