Julia Glavinic

Julia Glavinic

Julia Glavinic

Julia Glavinic

Julia Glavinic
Julia Glavinic
Julia Glavinic

Julia Glavinic

  • Medical Professional
  • Rock Climbing
Loma Linda, California |  

What activity do you use your ORORO most often for?

Rock climbing and working as an ER doctor


Most recent ORORO Product

Women’s Heated Fleece Jacket

Hi friends! I am a mountain-child Emergency Medicine doctor with a passion for the outdoors. If I’m not in the hospital taking care of patients, I’m rock climbing, skiing, fishing, hiking, gardening, or cuddling my dogs. I’m always cold and the low hospital temperatures combined with my preferred outdoor activities make me appreciate the warmth of my toasty vest — which keeps me warm without getting my sleeves dirty while climbing, cleaning fish, gardening, or doing procedures.

I love medical education and enjoy using social media as an education platform. Stay toasty my friends!

Reason to join the ORORO Squad

I’m an ER doctor, a rock climber, and a skier. I like the vest because I can wear it to work, wear it climbing and have my arms free, wear it skiing and stay cozy.

I’ve convinced every ER doctor in my ER to buy one because they are washable and our job can get nasty. I love it so much!

What’s your favorite thing about ORORO?

I am pathologically cold and get horrible muscle spasms in my shoulders from extensive climbing. Having the heat is both therapeutic for my sore muscles and helpful in the frigid hospital. I love being able to stay warm with short sleeves in the hospital so my sleeves don’t get gross when I do procedures or examine patients. It also fits under all my trauma PPE. I’ve convinced many nurses and doctors to purchase them and they love them as well!

Please share a short story about an important challenge that you've overcome (in your life, hobby, or profession):

I graduated medical school in 2020 and started my Emergency Medicine residency right at the start of our new friend COVID-19. Due to overwhelming numbers of patients, our ICUs were overrun. As an ER doctor, I volunteered in the ICU. I learned so much in so little time. I would work as hard and quickly as I could during the day and read as much newly published research as I could at night to help manage the overwhelming number of sick patients. Myself and my nurses were often the only ones at the bedside of dying patients, holding their hands as their families said goodbye on FaceTime. Although this was a heartbreaking and painful experience, I grew quickly as a physician and have so many critical skills that I gained through this journey and because of itI will be a better doctor for my future patients.

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