Ryan Hixson

Ryan Hixson

Ryan Hixson

Ryan Hixson

Ryan Hixson
Ryan Hixson
Ryan Hixson

Ryan Hixson

  • golf
Waco, TX |  

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My name is Ryan Hixson I have been a golf instructor for 13 years in Plano, Texas. I started golf at six years old, and fell in love with the sport after I won the first tournament I ever played in. I also enjoy being outdoors fishing, riding dirt bikes, playing soccer, or just adventuring around trails with my family.

My favorite sports are golf, soccer, motocross, football, and baseball. Cowboys are life as well as FC Dallas, and my favorite baseball team is the Rangers.

I have a wonderful wife named Thuy, and a son named Ezra who mean the world to me. If you want to better your golf game, find me to Sft Athletics in Plano, Texas!

What’s your favorite thing about ORORO?

How you can swing in it while staying warm.

What are the best 3 words to describe yourself?

Adventurous, Encouraging, Fun.

Love to be outdoors.

Love to help my students be better all around people.

Love to be a kid with my son, and try to keep active all the time.

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