Sophie Hendricks

Sophie Hendricks

  • camping
  • horse riding


Melbourne, Australia


I am an equestrian enthusiast who loves all things outdoors. No matter if it’s rain, hail, or shine you’ll nearly always find me outside either riding, camping, or working on the farm (besides of course when I’m at my amazing job of being a primary teacher). 

What are the 3 best words to describe yourself? Why?

Outgoing: I am an extremely social person. When out at equestrian events I love to encourage others and help out where I can!

Compassionate: being a teacher and a horse rider I have a real big focus on being sympathetic and empathetic to others in order to understand them as people better.

Outdoorsy (is that a word?!): I would love full time outside if I could, I love nature, animals and exploring! 

Please share a short story about an important challenge that you've overcome (in your life, hobby, or profession):

About two years ago I had a very nasty accident where I was kicked in the face by a horse. I completely shattered the right side of my face however I didn’t let this stop me from continuing on with my passion! Don’t get me wrong, the first couple weeks getting back into it all was mentally a very challenging time (don’t get me started on the physical side!) but I pushed myself through it and got back to doing what I love. 

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