5 Tips to Prepare for the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop


New York City this time of year is a truly magical and magnificent place. The lights, the colors, the trees, the wreaths…everything is curated to make NYC look like a winter wonderland. Everyone from all over the globe have come to the city for the same thing: the New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square! One of the biggest and most televised event of the year, the ball drop is a big party that culminates with the Time Square Ball descends beginning at 11:59 PM EST. It’s a pretty awesome experience that everyone should experience at least once!

But here’s the one MAJOR downside… New York City is super COLD this time of year! Last year, temperatures dropped to NINE DEGREES. Yes, folks, that’s a single digit temperature right there. New Yorkers are used to it by now but visitors? Not so much. So how do you combat that kind of bone-chilling coldness? With ORORO Heated Apparel, of course! (Bet you knew that would be our answer!) We’re going to give you a few tips to prep for your trip to New York City to see the ball drop!


heated hoodie

  1. Make sure you have all your Heated Apparel ready to go for traveling! Remember you CAN wear your ORORO apparel through TSA, just make sure the battery is out of the pocket! Do NOT pack your ORORO apparel, carry it on with you.
  2. Bring extra batteries and make sure they’re fully charged! We can’t express enough how much you’re going to need to stay warm while outside in the freezing cold. There won’t be enough people in the crowd or alcohol in the world to keep you as warm as ORORO apparel. Remember, while your apparel is cozy enough, the battery-powered heat is why you got it! Don’t rely on just one battery to keep you heated throughout the day and evening.
  3. Layer up! If you happen to have multiple ORORO pieces like a heated hoodie or heated vest, layer them underneath your winter coat or your ORORO heated jacket if you have one! We wouldn’t recommend turning on multiple heating products at once, but one at time to ensure you stay warm all day and night while ringing in the New Year!
  4. Use the highest heat setting after the sun goes down. We recommend to your heat settings on the lower side to preserve more battery for the evening when it’s colder out. But if you need it on High at ALL TIMES, we don’t judge! Just keep those batteries charged and you’ll be good to go!
  5. If you or someone with you is bringing a large bag or backpack (we recommend doing this to keep snacks and other necessary items on you), pack up your battery charger along with your batteries! That way if you happen to stop in somewhere for bite to eat or just to get away from the crowds, find an outlet and charge up. No different than charging your phone at the airport!

Hopefully these tips will prove useful to anyone traveling to New York City for the ball drop this time of year or really ANYWHERE where you have to be outside in the cold for an extended period of time! Enjoy and happy holidays from our ORORO family to yours.

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