An Introduction to the Fabrics in ORORO Heated Apparel

After years of curating an amazing collection of clothes in their closet, people tend to start paying attention to the quality of those clothes. When we select a piece of high-quality clothing, one of the most important elements is the fabric. The difference in fabrics directly affects your experience in wearing it and how you look and feel. A durable, well-crafted item should last throughout varying seasons and occasions versus a cheaply-made product that looks cute on the rack but falls apart within a few months.

We create our heated apparel to be warm enough to help you combat the cold for whatever period of time you’re outside. We construct our gear to be durable and sturdy enough to last you years. We make our clothing soft and cozy enough that you won’t want to take it off even at home! Every fabric we use in our ORORO heated collection is high-quality and made with your comfort in mind.


THERMOLITE® is an insulating fabric from the LYCRA company, a globally recognized fabric manufacturer with advanced technologies. THERMOLITE® PLUS is used as the thermal insulation in our Women’s Heated Parka for its exceptional warmth, breathability, and comfortability. 

ororo women parka

The performance of the THERMOLITE® fabric is mainly attributed to its hollow-core design. When looking into the fabric’s cross-section, you’ll see each fiber is hollow-core and woven to form an evaporative system, which enables the insulation to trap warm air inside while still allowing the moisture to evaporate. This design also makes it significantly lighter than many other synthetic insulating fabrics, maximizing warmth and comfortness of the garment without excess weight.



Sorona®, a plant-based fabric with unmatched softness and resilience, is insulated in ORORO’s Men’s Heated Padded Vest and Women’s Heated Padded Vest. 37% of the polymer is made from renewable natural ingredients and processed in an eco-efficient way. 

No need to sacrifice your wearing experience when choosing natural materials because Sorona® is crafted to maximize softness, lightweight warmth, and performance. It maintains its shape and dimensional stability under frequent use and washes—so you can look good and stay warm every time you wear it. 

ororo men padded vest


Derived from recycled PET bottles and discarded piled up oyster shells, SMAWARM® uses nanotech to create the insulation that keeps you warm even in wet conditions. With a thermal conductivity of 0.044, which is about half of just PET fibers alone, SMAWARM® traps warmth better, but also keeps good hydrophobicity, which is when water molecules are repelled or kept away from other molecules. Basically, it ensures you’ll be dry!

ororo men padded jacket

Insulated with SMAWARM®, the Men’s Heated Padded Jacket demonstrates a strong ability in heat retention, providing the perfect long-lasting warmth in extreme temperatures. 


COOLMAX®  is another fabric created by the LYCRA company. Engineered to transport moisture away from the body to keep the wearer cool and dry, COOLMAX® dries 5 times faster than regular cotton, featuring exceptional breathability and quick drying time. Besides, COOLMAX® fabric is easy to care for because you can machine wash it and it won’t shrink! COOLMAX® is blended in the fabric of our Unisex Heated Socks to ensure a soft, breathable, and moisture-wicking wearing experience. 

ororo heated socks

3M™ Thinsulate™

3M™ Thinsulate™ is a thermal insulation that helps trap body heat while allowing moisture to escape. With a high warmth-to-thickness ratio, the fabric reduces the bulk of the garment and allows you to move without restriction. We adopted this insulation in our 3-in-1 Heated Gloves, which requires thinness and comfortness for the precise movement of every finger. When you put the gloves on, you can still flexibly grab and fetch any tiny thing with your fingers.

ororo Heated gloves

We’re very picky when it comes to choosing the fabrics for our heated garments and we will continue to be in order to maintain the quality of every piece of clothing from start to finish.

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