Celebrating Eight Years of Keeping You Warm

Eight years of growth. Eight years of innovation. Eight years of keeping you and your family toasty and comfy. On October 28, we’re celebrating eight years of ORORO Heated Apparel!

Humble Beginnings

If you’re from the Midwest, you understand how incredibly cold winters can get. In 2015, our team decided to be cold no more! We came up with the idea of the heated jacket in one of the coldest winters we’d ever had. 

ororo heated jacket

Since then, we’ve outfitted teachers, nurses, moms, dentists, athletes, equestrians, social workers, ranchers, farmers and so many more. Our apparel doesn’t discriminate, it’s for anyone who wants a little bit of warmth and comfort on the coldest of days.

Major Changes and Improvements

What started as a simple heated jacket has grown and multiplied into a diverse brand that keeps every part of your body warm. We added a variety of heated hoodies, socks, parkas, fleece, scarves, even heated pants, which launched last year. 

heated pants

At ORORO heated apparel, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to excellence. Every time a customer had feedback or ideas, our team listened and improved our product every step of the way. We introduced our popular heated seat cushion based on our customers’ suggestions, as well as the Glasgow heated liner gloves.

heated seat cushion

This kind of dedication is why we're at the top of our game in the industry, known for high-quality products, unique innovations, and top-notch customer service.

We partnered with Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Wild, PPA Pickleball Tour, PGA of Canada, and others to keep fans warm and cozy on cold days. ORORO also donated to CORE, UNICEF and other charities to deepen our impact and help local communities.

Kansas City Chiefs

Throughout all of this expansion, our team has never forgotten our mission: empowering you to challenge the climate and never let the weather dictate your day.

Last year, we introduced our first sustainable collection made of recycled material. These vests are practical, stylish, and have low impact on the environment. The collection is made from REPREVE®, a recycled material made with 100% recycled yarn, which helps to reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint. Being sustainable is of the utmost importance to ORORO. This year, we are adding new colors and styles to our recycled fleece collection.

What’s Next for ORORO

Looking ahead to the future, we’ve got some exciting new products and projects up ahead. We recently partnered up with the University of Minnesota to sponsor Gopher Athletics. 

heated scarf

This year, we have added new scarves, travel organizers and other awesome things to our product line-up. In the next few months, you will find more exciting new styles and new designs right here. Sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on the latest!


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