What is the "Cozy Fund"?

The "Cozy Fund" is an internal foundation created by ORORO Heated Apparel. It allows Toasty Club Members to donate their reward points, which are then converted into heated vests/jackets for those in need and you will get a coupon for your kind donation as a reward.

Check out Cozy Fund Terms and Conditions.

How does the donation process work?

Toasty Club Members can donate their accumulated reward points through the reward dashboard after signing in. Every 3,000 points donated translates to one heated vest/jacket that ORORO will provide to an individual in need.

How to donate my points?

1. Login to your account.


2. Click "Redeem Points" on your account page.

 Redeem My Points

3. Locate & click the section of “Ways to redeem” on the reward dashboard.


4. Locate “Cozy Fund” Donation Ticket & click “Redeem” in the reward dashboard.

 cozy fund

5. Choose the amount of points that you would like to donate and click “Redeem”.


6. Once you have redeemed the ticket, you will receive a coupon code for your next purchase (can not be combined with other discounts) and it represents your ticket for the donation.

Redeption Code

Who benefits from the "Cozy Fund"?

The beneficiaries are individuals in need, selected based on criteria set by ORORO Heated Apparel. You can apply for the people you know who need support from the Cozy Fund too. Click HERE to apply for support from our Cozy Fund now.

We would love to share warmth to those who are:

  1. Individuals with health conditions that make them more susceptible to cold, such as Raynaud's disease, arthritis, or certain circulatory issues.
  2. Elderly individuals living in harsh conditions
  3. Individuals whose jobs require them to work in cold environments for extended periods, such as construction workers, outdoor event organizers, or farmers, and who cannot afford heated apparel.
  4. Applicants who come recommended by community organizations, social workers, or local charities that can vouch for their need.


Can I get a refund on my donated points?

No, once points are donated to the "Cozy Fund," they are non-reversible and cannot be refunded.

How can I track the impact of my donation?

ORORO Heated Apparel will provide periodic updates on the number of points donated, the number of vests/jackets donated, and details about the beneficiaries (while maintaining their privacy). 

Is there a maximum or minimum number of points I can donate?

There's a minimum of 100 points for each donation, and a maximum limit to 500 points each time you can donate. 

How can I use the coupon code rewarded from donating my points?

For every 100 points you donate, you can get a $10 coupon, with maximum limit of $50 coupon for your donation. You can use the coupon code at checkout for your purchase of the eligible full-price products. Coupon code can not be combined with other discounts.

Can non-Toasty Club Members donate to the "Cozy Fund"?

Currently, only active Toasty Club Members are eligible to donate their reward points to the "Cozy Fund."

How is the "Cozy Fund" different from other charitable initiatives?

The "Cozy Fund" operates solely on reward points, not monetary transactions. It's a unique way for Toasty Club Members to use their loyalty points to make a direct impact in someone's life.

Can I suggest beneficiaries for the "Cozy Fund"?

While ORORO appreciates the community's involvement, beneficiaries are selected based on a set criteria by ORORO. However, you can always reach out with suggestions or partnerships that align with the initiative's goals. 

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