How ORORO Heated Apparel Is Changing Our Customers' Lives

ORORO’s mission has been to help you take back control over the weather and to not let the climate dictate your life and your plans. With innovative heating technology, our battery-heated clothing continues to warm up even the coldest customers. Over these last few years, our heated apparel mission has united a bright, fun-loving group of people we call our ORORO family. We’ve highlighted some of their stories below. Got a heated jacket or heated vest and a story you want to share? Follow us on Instagram @ororo.wear and tag us in your posts!


Women's Heated Vest

From Jenna, an East Coaster trying to keep warm (@jennaschlagenhauf),  "I actually received my vest as a Christmas gift from my boyfriend because he knows that I’m always cold! I love the product because it is not bulky or restricting at all, yet it provides the heat I need to be warm and comfortable in the cold temperatures of the NY winters. It is so easy to charge and gives me a full day of heat. I also love that I can use the battery to charge my phone if I need to! I use my vest in my everyday life at work. The air conditioners are usually on (even in the winter) so it allows me to keep warm, while still being able to move freely and get everything that I need to get done! My ORORO heated vest is the best and most practical gift that I could have been given!”

Jenna’s Heated Padded Vest was recently redesigned for 2019 with new and improved heated elements across the body’s core in addition to the collar and back! This upgrade allowed for even more warmth to spread throughout the vest, keeping Jenna (and YOU) comfy and toasty even in a freezing cold office.



From Dominique, an equestrian taking over Spain (@domthebomb41), "I decided to try ORORO because I was leaving for a horse show circuit in Spain for two months. I had heard it was very cold so I started looking for a vest or jacket that would keep me warm while I was riding. I love the product! From the first time I tried it on, it kept me warm and the high collar kept the cold wind away. It fit perfectly over my show jacket and whatever sweater I had on. Now whenever I go for a ride in the cold morning I have it turned on!”

Because of Dominique, we’ve been recommending the Padded Heated Vest to other equestrians who are interested in trying our heated apparel! This vest is an all-occasions kind of product, meaning you can wear it while riding over a sweater like Dominique OR wear it underneath a jacket in colder climates like others. Our Heated Vest is THAT versatile!


Wolf hunt[

From Brooklyn, a professional hunter and outdoorsman (@robertsonadventures), "Most of our hobbies revolve around being outdoors.  Whether we're skiing near our house in Colorado, or hunting wolves in Alberta, we enjoy being outside. Sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort with our lifestyle. We wanted to find something that would help take the edge off being outside during the bitter cold months. We chose ORORO vests because the reviews were so high. We liked that they had a long battery life and had extra rechargeable batteries for the times when we spent ALL day in the cold. We have put these vests to the test and they’ve not let us down yet. We wear them while sitting in a tree stand deer hunting. Or while chasing geese in Wyoming. These vets have proven themselves to be priceless.”

The Robertsons NEED to stay extremely warm for their hunting trips, which is why the Men's and Women’s Heated Vests are such a good match! Wear this vest underneath your regular winter coat for a lot of heat that comes in multiple settings to keep your core nice and toasty.

Not only does ORORO keep people warm, ORORO changes peoples’ lives for the better! No longer do you have to be limited by what the weather app tells you, now you can go wolf hunting in Canada or go riding in the Spanish countryside. It doesn’t matter! Adventure is now at the tip of your fingertips and ORORO helps you get there.

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