Which Heated Apparel Style is Right for Which Activity?

heated vest for hiking and camping

Even though it’s winter, people still have plenty of activities to partake in. Some people like to keep up with their fitness routines, some like to play sports, and some simply have to go outside for some reason or another. 

No matter the activity, there’s a heated apparel style perfect for you. 

For Running—Classic Heated Vest

heated vest for running

Avid runners will agree—nothing short of a blizzard will stop them from getting a run in. Although you’re moving and generating body heat, running in winter is still cold. In fact, it can make your run more difficult because of the discomfort and physical effects the chill brings. 

The ORORO classic heated vest is here to make winter runs more comfortable and, more importantly, more enjoyable. Pump your arms freely without being weighed down and while keeping your core body warm. 

Bonus: Our women’s classic heated vest now comes in a chic ice gray.

For Skateboarding and Cycling—Heated Socks

Skateboarders and cyclists have one thing in common when it comes to cold weather—cold feet. In activities where your feet are running the show, nothing is worse than numb toes or bulky socks being a hindrance. 

Heated socks are a great solution for snowboarders and cyclists in winter. With comfortable stretch fabric and lightweight carbon nanotube heating elements, the ORORO Redwood heated socks feel just like normal ones and keep things nice and toasty.

For Fishing—Heated Hooded Jacket

heated hooded jacket in blue for fishing

Since fishing often doesn’t require a ton of movement (don’t want to scare the fish away!), it can get pretty cold pretty quickly when fishing in winter. Sure, you could bundle up in copious layers of bulky, heavy wool, but is that really the only option?

Nope. The ORORO heated hooded jacket is substantial enough to resist wind and water, with an adjustable hood to protect your ears on those extra windy or rainy days. Since this jacket is powered by a lithium ion battery, it has up to 10 hours of continuous warmth on a full charge. That means you can sit still without worrying you might turn into an icicle. 

For Hiking—Heated Padded Vest

heated gray vest for hikes

Whether you’re hiking a snowy mountain or taking a stroll in a state park, one thing remains important: staying warm. While staying warm is important, so is not being bogged down by unnecessary weight. 

The ORORO heated padded vest is a lightweight option for hikers of all levels. Not only will it keep you warm for lengthy hikes, but you’ll have free range of movement. You can seamlessly wear it under a heavier coat or over a comfy flannel.

Bonus: Our men’s heated padded vest now comes in a sleek gray colorblock.

For Golfing—Heated Nylon Pullover

 heated unisex pullover

Unless it’s hailing, it’s never a bad day to get out on the green. Golfing isn’t just a spring and summer sport. Plenty of golfers get out to play even in the cold. Unfortunately, your caddy likely can’t bring a giant heating lamp to every tee with you. 

The ORORO heated nylon pullover is an even better option. Weighing in at less than one pound, this pullover is so lightweight, you don’t have to worry about adjusting your swing to compensate. Although incredibly lightweight, it doesn’t lack on heating ability, so you’ll be able to stay warm for the whole 18.

For Skiing and Snowboarding—Classic Heated Jacket

heated jacket for snowboarding

Hitting the slopes? Although skiing and snowboarding looks cool in action, those of us who partake know there are some less-than-graceful moments. Namely, getting back up on your feet with your board on or hobbling up a hill. Why the lack of grace? Often, too many layers!

The ORORO classic heated jacket helps you cut down on bulky layers, so getting around is easier. Plus, you’ll move better on the slopes, too. Since it runs on up to 10 hours of heat at a time, you’ll get better warmth than if you had the extra layers on. Bonus: It’s wind and water resistant.

For Equestrianism—Heated Fleece Jacket

Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean your horse doesn’t like to ride! While some might have access to an indoor riding space protected from the elements, many do not. That’s where heated apparel comes in.

Just as much as your horse needs the activity, you as a ride need to stay warm. The ORORO heated fleece jacket is comfortable enough to wear on long rides without getting in the way. Wear it on its own or under a heavier jacket if it’s really cold. 

Bonus: Our women’s heated fleece jacket now comes in maroon and black, while our men’s heated fleece jacket now comes in hunter green and black.

For Tailgating—Heated Gloves

heated gloves for tailgating

Tailgating season starts out pleasant and mild, but it’s not long before the chill kicks in. When this happens, the trickiest thing is staying warm. Many people stock up on hand warmers and are stuck opening a new one every handful of minutes. 

The ORORO 3-in-1 heated gloves are the ultimate level up from unreliable hand warmers. With 3 ways to wear them, these gloves are reliable with up to 8 working hours of warmth. Now you don’t have to worry about numb fingers and wind-chapped hands!

For Camping—Heated Hoodie

When you’re camping, comfort is key. Although sitting around the fire is a classic activity sure to keep you warm when the sun goes down, chances are you won’t be sleeping right next to the flames. When it’s time to get in your sleeping bag, how do you make sure you’re keeping warm?

The ORORO heated fleece hoodie is not only ultra-comfortable, but toasty warm. It’s cozy enough to sleep in, and it’ll provide you with enough warmth to last all night.

For Commuting—Heated Parka

heated parka for cold commutes

You work hard, but the cold works harder. Whether you’re taking a stroll somewhere, walking to class, or changing stations on the way to work, the cold doesn’t stop. Sometimes, your standard parks just won’t cut it. 

The ORORO heated parka is filled with Thermolite® insulation and completed with a durable water-repellent finish. It’s sleek enough to wear comfortably every day and keep the cold out. The detachable faux fur hood adds extra style and wind protection.

For Shoveling Snow—Heated Down Jacket

heated down jacket for shoveling snow

At first glance, you might think that shoveling the snow doesn’t count as an “activity”. However, it’s quite the workout. Although it’ll warm you up a little with the effort, it’s still important to make sure you’re keeping your body warm. 

The ORORO heated down jacket is lightweight so it won’t bother you while you’re shoveling. In addition to the internal heating elements, this jacket has 750-fill down to keep you warm. Added collar heating provides extra warmth from those winter winds. 

Whether you’re going on a run, hitting the slopes, or shoveling some snow, the cold waits for no one. Stay warm in any situation with the ideal heated clothing item for every activity! 

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