11 Things You Can Do at Home While in Isolation

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These times are not easy. Some of us may not be used to staying at home for long periods of time (especially if we’re outdoor adventurers), but right now it's the best we can do for ourselves and for others. It’s time to #stayhome.

Today we invite you to take this challenge as an opportunity. It’s an opportunity to re-invent ourselves, to do things in new ways and to grow.  And if at the beginning of this year you set yourself some goals for 2020, this is a great time to achieve some of them (like eating healthy). Do you take this challenge?

Here’s a list of 11 things you can do at home while in isolation:

1. Do something that makes you smile. 

What moves you? What makes your sparkle? If it’s an activity you can’t do indoors, you can always learn more about your favorite topic from home. And get prepared to try new ideas when you get back to the field! If you love skiing, you can search for ways to improve your technique.

 2. Learn one recipe every day.

If you're used to ordering take-outs or eating microwave ready foods, how about using these days to learn to cook tasty new dishes? Surprise yourself!


3. Take time to breathe and calm down. 

You may be anxious in the midst of uncertainty (we all are a bit). Thankfully, there are ways to reduce anxiety and stress. Various techniques can help you calm down, like diaphragmatic breathing, meditation, and mindfulness. Try them, and let us know how it goes! This will also help keep your immune system strong. 

4. Learn something new. 

Sit down, relax, and try to remember what is that thing you've always wanted to learn. There are infinite possibilities. You can find lots of online courses where you can learn the unimaginable, like: "how to train your dragon" (ok, you're right, that's a movie). Go to your search engine, type, and let the search begin.

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5. Host a virtual party. 

There are lots of online platforms which are making it possible for us to connect with our loved ones more than ever before, even if they’re miles away (or just around the corner). Some examples are: Zoom, Meet, Houseparty, and Teams, among other. Schedule a date and time, and invite everyone to your virtual party.

We’ve tried this, and it’s super fun! (Plus: You won't need to run with any hosting expenses.)

6. Organize all your pictures. 

Do you have tons and tons of pictures that are a bit disorganized? Now's the perfect time to sort them and turn them into an organized collection.

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7. Shake your body. 

Take some time to exercise, even if it’s just some minutes a day. There are lots of videos on the web: functional training, aerobics, yoga, TRX, and many more. Or you can pay an online personal trainer to guide you.

8. Start your own business.

Have you always dreamed about having your own business? Now’s the time to plan and innovate.

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9. Spring Clean the House. 

Organize, clean, declutter... This has multiple benefits, such as clearing your mind, helping you become more productive, and it’s also great for your emotional health.  

10. Visualize your next adventures. 

Create a Vision Board! Search for all those places that you’d love to visit with your ORORO Heated Jacket, print the images, cut them, put them on a board, and place it where you can see it every day.

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11. Wash your heated clothes. 

We know you don’t want to take off your ORORO, but after so many adventures, it may be a good time to give it the proper cleaning. If you don’t know how to do it, check out our guide: How to Wash Heated Clothing.

We hope this list helps you make the best of your time these days. Please #staysafe.

Still bored? #challengeyourself

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