Heated Clothing Sizing: How to Get the Perfect Fit

Choosing the perfect size while shopping online can be a headache for a lot of people. Brands have different specifications on their size chart and even different styles with multiple fitting standards. Even worse, when you get an ill-fitting item, you then have to deal with the annoying and overly complicated process of exchanging or returning it. We know how much it sucks to wait and be excited for something and then be disappointed when it arrives. This is why we want to help you choose the right fit for you before ordering! 

Get Your Body Measurements

Taking accurate body measurements is one of the keys to get a great fit. To get started, you will need to prepare a tape measure at first!  Although it's easier to have someone else take your measurements, it can be done by yourself. Just stand in front of a mirror so that you can see that you have the tape in the right position.

Ideally, you should be measured wearing only your undergarments.  However, leotard or close-fitting clothing will be fine.  Do NOT measure yourself wearing jeans, sweats, or other bulky clothing.  It DOES make a difference!

Normally, for heated clothing with sleeves, such as the heated jacket, heated hoodie, and heated parka, you will need to measure your chest, waist, hip, and your sleeve.

ororo body measurement

But for sleeveless heated clothing, such as the heated padded vest, heated fleece vest and heated down vest, you will need to measure your chest, waist, hip, and your shoulder.

ororo body measurement

Match Your Body Size

Now that you have your body measurements, it’s time for the next step. Use the size calculator embedded in every product page to help get your correct size. Click on ”Calculate My size” and fill in your measurements & fit preference, then you will get an automatically matched size recommendation!

ororo men heated jacket

ororo men jacket size

We understand everyone has a different body shape. It might be not applicable to calculate everyone’s body size with one standard matching method. That being said, you can refer to the size chart to match your body measurements manually.

Check out the differences between the sizes and adjust your choice when you have one or two measurements that are far larger than the recommended scope. Choose the larger size if your measurements come between two sizes. For example, if your measurements are 40 inches for chest, 34 inches for waist, 45 inches for hip and 35 inches for sleeve, although you probably matches Size M of Men Heated Jacket with 3 dimensions, it would be better to adjust to Size L to avoid getting stuck on the hip when you zip up the jacket.

ororo men jacket fitting size

Define Your Layers

Layering will have an influence on your experience in your apparel. Different styles of heated clothing are designed with different fits, please refer to the size guide. Normally, most men’s styles of Ororo heated apparel are regular-fit, like the Men’s Heated Jacket, the Men’s Heated Fleece Jacket and the Men’s Heated Padded Vest

However, we know body shape differs between genders, so we specially designed some of the women’s styles with improved fit that’s better looking and traps in the heat more efficiently. That is why Women’s Heated Jacket and Women’s Padded Vest are designed with slim fit. For unisex styles, like Heated Fleece Hoodie, it features a casual look with a looser fit. 

ororo fitting guide

Layering pieces will influence how you wear your apparel, no matter the size. In spring or fall, you may just need one thin inner piece under your heated jacket. While in the winter, you might need to layer up with shirts and sweaters due to extreme weather.

Customer Support is Here to Help

Another way to find out the best sizes for different styles and purposes is to ask our customer support. As long as you know your measurements, our customer support is able to help you. Be very specific about your concerns and your personal fitting details to help the customer support find the right fit for you. 

Easy Exchange

Sometimes, however, things happen and you end up getting the wrong size anyway or life happened suddenly and your body changed since you placed the order. That’s why we make exchanging for a better fitted item super easy! ORORO provides FREE US Return & Exchange for any unwashed, unworn apparel in its original packing and tags for up to 30 days from your order delivery. Simply request your exchange and send your item back to us.


A well-fitted heated garment will make you look good while keeping you comfortable and warm, without any restrictions on your movement. Get warmed up by choosing your heated clothing style and get the perfect size for yourself with the tips above!

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