Steve Emt
Steve Emt
  • Curling
Hebron, CT |  

What activity will you use your ORORO most often for? 

U.S. curling/wheelchair

Most recent ORORO Product

Amsterdam Heated Mittens

I've been an athlete my entire life and have never passed up an opportunity to participate in one way or another. At the age of 25, I was in an automobile accident that left me paralyzed. After trying many different adaptive sports, I fell in love with the sport of curling. That love led me to me becoming a member of Team USA and traveling the world representing and competing for the USA.

I'm a 7x National Champion and have competed in 6 World Championships as well as the 2018 PyeongChang Paralympic Games. I am also a public speaker and a published author.

Reason to join the ORORO Squad

I heard great things about the ORORO products and it was highly recommended.

What’s your favorite thing about ORORO?

The classic heated vest is the best vest I have ever used. For the first time in my career I am comfortable on the ice and able to perform better.

What are the best 3 words to describe yourself?

Leader, Educator, Empowerment. People always ask how I've overcome so much to lead a successful life. No matter what we're facing...we will get through it! Look inside yourself and you'll find the strength!

Please share a short story about an important challenge that you've overcome (in your life, hobby, or profession):

My accident. At 25, we usually are getting settled down in our lives. For me, at 25, I woke up from a coma and was told that I'd never walk again. Yes, I went through some difficult times, but ultimately it was up to me to find the strength to get through all the challenges that I would be facing. I could've given up, I thought about giving up, but then I made the decision to accept what had happened and get on with life. Life is beautiful and if we put it in our mind and in our hearts...we will accomplish great things!

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