Two Moms, Two Families, One Brand!

ORORO moms

Jaime Nichols and Jill Smith are two similar moms… they both love ORORO products, live in cold climates and have two sons. However, they live 1,300 miles apart from each other -  Jaime in Vermont and Jill in Minnesota.

Jaime has been using ORORO products for four years now.  Before heated gear, Jaime describes her life as “dreading going out outside in the cold, struggling through the season. I’m always freezing.”

Because of her husband’s career, Jaime has moved around a lot, finally settling in Vermont four years ago.  Her husband was worried about how she would do in the frigid winters, so he gifted Jaime her first ORORO vest.


 Jaime wearing ORORO Women's Classic Heated Jacket 

Her two young boys, a six-year-old and a three-year-old, love to be outdoors – hiking, snowshoeing, and skiing. Keeping warm is a challenge, Jaime says,“So it’s a lot more enjoyable now (with ORORO), knowing that I’ll have some heat with me, some warmth.”

The Vermont mother of two describes ORORO as “innovative, giving back to the community and warm.” She continues, “ORORO is like a dog because it’s a companion. It’s like, maybe, the first thing you grab, that something that’s always there for you.”

Skiing with ORORO

While Jaime has been using ORORO faithfully for four years, Jill is relatively new to ORORO, buying her first product seven months ago. Jill had similar challenges with the cold, “Well, I am always cold, so I’m that person that’s always carrying around blankets and wearing tons of layers.”

Jill’s sons are older at 13 and 16 years old. She is a hockey and ski mom. Jill’s 13-year-old plays hockey and she describes the hockey rinks as “Cold, colder and coldest… they are all cold!” Jill says, “It’s harder sometimes in the summer. Like when it's 90 degrees out and you’re outside, but then you have to go into this freezing cold arena.” She continues, “It’s nice just to be able to grab a vest or a jacket (ORORO), throw that on, and know that it’ll work.”

hockey mom

Jill wearing ORORO's Sharksin Gray Heated Jacket 

Jill’s oldest son doesn’t ski competitively any more, but she states, “We still ski as a family and the ORORO gear stays in my vehicle. It’s almost like a closet in the back of my car to choose from. Then I just cycle through the batteries. I have a car charger so I can always charge a battery and have one on hand.”

Loving her ORORO products so much, Jill bought the 3-in-1 gloves for their hockey-playing son. She explains, “Before ORORO, he was always complaining that his hands get so cold. We tried the hand warmer packets for a while, but couldn’t really find a solution for him.” The "Twin Cities" 3-In-1 Heated Gloves have an inside sleek inner glove, which her son wears under his hockey gloves and Jill says, “It’s been a miracle for him.”

heated apparel for running

Jill runs year-round and wears her ORORO gear outdoors to keep her warm. She also wears it indoors working from home, commenting, “I am cold all the time. So, I actually work with it on a lot. And it’s so funny because people will be like ‘What’s that light on your jacket?’”

Jill says that ORORO heated apparel is “fashionable, functional and warm.”  She describes ORORO products as being like a Koala Bear: “cuddly and fuzzy.”

By day, Jill works in human resources for a healthcare organization and Jaime, who used to be a special educator in New York, now is a full-time mom. Despite living so far apart from one another, they share a similar passion for ORORO products. 

Thank you to Jaime and Jill for sharing your stories with ORORO!

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