Empowering Adventures Through Heated Apparel

“I needed some apparel that not only would repel the weather, but would also keep people warm.”

Scott Davis created Ceiba Adventures because of a love for exploring that started when he was in high school. Ceiba is an equipment outfitter that offers fully outfitted row trips and motorboat rentals, transportation services, food packing and menu planning.

Anyone from private adventurers to scientists to the film industry have used Ceiba to empower their trips throughout the Southwest United States, Mexico, Belize and Guatemala. Scott fell in love with the area and decided to make a business of it.

“I just started running river trips down there. We took care of a lot of archeologists that were the experts on all the Mayan ruins, but they were not outfitters. So they started contacting us to take care of all their tours. The area is just super dynamic. There's water everywhere, which is very unlike the desert, and there are big, huge Mayan ruins coming out of these jungles,” Scott said.

This is a great example of a powerful way to turn a passion into a thriving business. Taking care of people first and being the go-to expert for them is crucial to building trust with the community and growing connections with like-minded people.

“We take care of the public and we're not a guide service. We don't guide people down the river like maybe most people are familiar with as far as signing up for a river trip,” Scott said. “We provide the transportation, we have long relationships with our clients, and so we plan out this whole trip for a year, then we get them to the river and then they go down on their own.”

Ceiba Adventures is about empowering and equipping people to explore the areas they want and make sure their trips are safely prepared.

Because these trips can happen in warm or cold weather, Scott started looking around for heated apparel, specifically heated coats, to keep him and his dedicated team warm when the weather turns chilly.

“We actually have four seasons here. So a lot of our crew, rain or shine, is working outside and scrubbing boats or working on trucks and all that stuff. I needed some apparel that not only would repel the weather, but would also keep people warm. I just started snooping around and found you guys; I really liked what I saw. You guys [ORORO’s team] are super easy to work with and extremely prompt, not to mention an awesome product,” Scott explained how his search for heated gear progressed. “I didn't even look any further once I found you guys.”

His team is built from a large group of interested and adventurous individuals, ranging from unemployed (in the wintertime) river guides to school teachers to construction workers. He describes them as “the cream of the crop.” One important skill they needed to have was being bilingual as English and Spanish are both spoken throughout the Southwest and Mexico.

“I ended up with a crew of about ten guides. We operated about 25 years down there. And then here in Flagstaff, we have 15 full time employees and another 15 part-timers that drive for us. We have a pretty diverse team running around here right now.”

Interest in sustainability and helping out local communities are some things both ORORO and Ceiba Adventures have in common.

“We're a pretty water intensive company. We've sunk 2,100 gallon water tanks on our property and then all the rainwater that hits our big buildings collects into those tanks. We reuse that rainwater to clean all the equipment that we need to clean. We also have a huge recycling program. We recycle pretty much everything, not only in the business, but when the river trips go down-river; all the food containers, glass, aluminum, plastics, we collect it, separate it all and then get it to the appropriate places here in Flagstaff to recycle.”

Scott’s also proud to support Grand Canyon Youth, a nonprofit organization that offers educational outdoor expeditions connecting young people to the transformative power of the rivers and canyons of the Southwest.

“They’re middle school and high school kids out on river trips to explore their personality and who they are and who they can potentially become. We're a strong supporter of that and we do a lot of their drives, donate a lot of our equipment to them, then we in turn hire a lot of those kids to come work for us when they are out of school.”

Passion drives Scott to guide his business in a caring, empowering way for his team and his community. ORORO’s proud to outfit him and his team while they outfit and equip people for their trips.

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