His, Hers, Theirs: Our Favorite Unisex Heated Apparel

 heated fleece jackets for everyone

Sure, many of us are used to shopping for gender-specific clothing. But sometimes a unisex option is the way to go. Designed for everyone, unisex heated apparel is comfy, cozy, and exactly what you’re looking for. 

Here are our favorite unisex heated apparel options.

Unisex Heated Zip Up Fleece Hoodie

heated hoodies for her and him

You can’t go wrong with a hoodie. It’s a classic option for both men and women, as well as gender-nonconforming folk. 

The ORORO unisex heated fleece hoodie is lined with ultra-soft fleece for the ultimate cozy feel. Classic black or gray colors match anything and everything and a relaxed fit suits just about everyone.

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the best part: the heating elements in the chest and mid-back that make walking the dog or winter movie marathons that much better.

Unisex Heated Pullover Hoodie

heated pullover hoodie gender neutral

Zip ups not your thing? No worries. ORORO also offers a pullover hoodie.

The heated pullover hoodie features a more low-profile look, with the power button hidden inside the front pocket. So no flashing lights out in the open. 

As with the zip up hoodie, the pullover has heating elements in the upper back. Even better? With the pullover version, there are also heating elements in the left and right sections of the front pockets. Perfect for keeping your hands warm! 

Unisex Lightweight Heated Pullover Windbreaker 

For those who prefer free movement and a sporty look, the ORORO heated pullover windbreaker might just be the thing for you. 

Weighing in at less than 15 ounces (that’s about the weight of a small apple or less), this windbreaker lets you move around freely while also staying warm. 

It also features a half-zip front, wind-resistant shell, stretchable thumbhole cuffs, adjustable hood, and a quilting design that helps keep insulation from moving around. 

Heated Fleece Vest

heated fleece vest unisex

Don’t be fooled by the “Men’s” in the title of this one. This fleece vest is one of our most popular unisex options and is a favorite among our female customers. 

The fleece liner is super cozy and helps emphasize the warmth provided by heating elements in the chest and upper back. A regular fit goes with just about every outfit—man, woman, gender neutral. 

“Redwood” Heated Socks

unisex heated socks

The great thing about socks is that... they’re socks. There’s no need for gender-specific cuts or features for them to look great and do their job.

The new ORORO “Redwood” heated socks are the first heated socks to feature Carbon Nanotube heating elements. We know that sounds science fiction-y, but basically this means the heating elements are so compact and effective, that they heat much quicker and can form a U-shape around the toes to help get heat where it’s needed most. 

It also means that there’s no bulk, so comfort it at a maximum. Aside from the incredible heating situation, the “Redwood” socks have moisture-wicking COOLMAX technology and a stretchable fleece fabric. 

Unisex Twin Cities 3-in-1 Heated Gloves

heated gloves socks parka

Like socks, gloves are for everyone. We all have hands that are, for the most part, the same shape and structure. So as long as a glove has four fingers and a thumb, we’re good. 

The ORORO Twin Cities gloves feature a removable heated fleece liner that allows you to wear them in 3 different ways: with the liner and outer shell, the liner alone, or the shell alone. 

The liner and shell are water-resistant and touchscreen compatible. 

Shopping for gender-specific clothing has its benefits, but so does going with a unisex option. It eliminates worries about fit or style. Since it’s made for everyone, it works for everyone. 

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