5 Simple Ways to Challenge Yourself in 2020

New year, new you, new decade, new opportunities to challenge yourself, push your limits and succeed in your everyday life! We’re all about giving the people the power to live their lives to the fullest no matter what the temperature and have a few ideas from us and our ORORO family on how to keep challenging yourself and set goals in 2020.


ORORO Heated Fleece Jacket


1. Step outside your comfort zone (location, location, location!).

Travel to places you’ve never been before, no matter what the weather forecast says. Climb a mountain, hike obscure trails, go sledding down snowy hills, whatever you might be afraid or hesitant to do... now’s the time to do it! How are some of our ORORO customers challenging themselves this year? “Riding behind a steam train in Esquel, Argentina while wearing my heated ORORO vest,” a bold customer told us on Facebook.


Heated Vest


2. Go to that game or event you’ve always wanted to but never could because it’s just Too Cold!

Don’t let yourself be limited to indoor events or games or activities anymore. In 2020, we’re all about empowering everyone to enjoy life and stop worrying about the weather! “I bought this jacket in advance of the Championship game in Philadelphia. I stayed nice and warm with a real feel temperature of 27 degrees outside! The jacket kept me warm and still had 50% charge when I left,” John G., another customer, told us in their delighted review.


3. Turn those “summer” sports into winter ones!

Play baseball, kickball, softball, volleyball or whatever sports that are typically relegated to the spring and summer months. Throw on a heated hoodie or heated vest and gather your friends for the best hit of endorphins you can ask for this winter. “My wife loves to wear her heated vest while playing winter tennis. Warmth with total mobility was crucial for her so this was just right,” Greg T., an Amazon customer shared with us. Winter tennis? Sounds like a challenge you can handle!


4. Feel truly empowered to get fit.

We know, we know. Every article that mentions “new year, new you” inevitably talks about hitting certain fitness goals that may or may not be attainable. We promise we’re not going to start lecturing you about squats! We just want you to know that if and when you decide to push yourself fitness-wise, ORORO is here for you. “My friends used to think I was crazy when I would still do my intense outdoor boot camp-style workouts in 20 degree Cincinnati weather, which is probably why they got me the Fleece Hoodie!” Mikayla R. told us over email. “This hoodie has really helped keep me motivated and focused when the wind chill is making the temperature unbearable. I love this thing!”


5. This is the year to GO for it anyway despite your chronic pain.

Most people suffering from chronic pain or illness typically feel cold all the time even indoors with the heat on. These conditions can often prevent folks from doing much when the weather turns cold. That just doesn’t seem fair, does it? With our heated clothing, people have taken back their power and freedom in the winter months. “I didn’t do a whole lot from October to March because my arthritis not only keeps me from moving easily but once the cold kicks up, it gets downright miserable. My heated gloves and jacket are the best things I ever received from my children,” Miriam D. shared with us. Our heated apparel can’t cure everything but it can certainly help ease pain and make your outdoor daily life more pleasant.


Men Heated Vest


With members of our ORORO family challenging themselves all over the world and inspiring people while they do it, we’re working on challenging ourselves too! All of your feedback, comments, reviews are read and shared amongst our team. We listen to you and we thank you for pushing ORORO to keep challenging not just the climate but ourselves as well. Happy New Year, everyone and don’t forget to #challengeyourself in 2020.


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    Posted on by Joanie Klucinec

    I am always cold but my daughter bought me an Ororo vest and my life has changed! I wear it all the time and absolutely love that it has three different heat settings. Thanks Ororo!!

  • J
    Posted on by John Callahan

    Best coat keeps me warm in hockey rinks all winter!

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