What is a YKK Zipper and Why It’s the Best

“The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail.” – Charles R. Swindoll

From the design to the production of every piece of heated clothing, we’ve paid attention to every detail in our products, making sure we have the best quality and functionality in the entire industry. 

One of the minor details that really matter in every heated jacket or vest is the zipper. We all know a broken zipper basically means the whole jacket is a waste. That’s why we use the YKK zipper in almost all ORORO clothing styles from heated jackets to heated fleece hoodies.


Why is YKK the best?

YKK is the abbreviation of Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, a Japanese company that has been leading the zipper industry and represents the industry standard for more than 80 years. With its advanced technology, stable raw materials, and standardized management, YKK still enjoys the global reputation for its irreplaceable quality.

YKK zippers were used in the spacesuits worn during the first human exploration of the moon in 1969.

Fun Fact: YKK zippers were used in the spacesuits worn during the first human exploration of the moon in 1969.

Smoothness and Tightness

You can easily and smoothly zip up your heated apparel with a YKK zipper. With the square tooth technology, there are zero worries about the teeth separating when zipping up or unzipping. Can you imagine your jacket zipper getting stuck on something and disconnects while you’re out on a cold day?  ORORO’s heated jacket will never let that happen to you. 

Self-locking Design 

YKK adopts the self-locking puller technology in the zippers, which makes it easy to pull and lock without slipping. This design enables you to move around and your zipper will always stay in place.


After being used for decades, YKK zipper still keeps its excellent condition in both appearance and functionality. With self-lubrication, YKK zippers move even more smoothly the more you use them.

Beautiful Style

The surface of the zipper is beautifully plated and won’t easily fade. The fabric of the zippers is also selectively picked to match the clothing style. Various versions of YKK zippers are applied across different heated clothing for that extra pop of fashionable flair.

ORORO Fleece Jacket YKK Zipper

What may seem like “trivial” things make a huge difference in our lives, and so it goes with heated apparel. The zipper is tiny, but it is also so significant because a well-made zipper ensures you wear the jacket for years while a poorly-constructed zipper destroys the whole wearing experience with all sorts of problems. 

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